VoIP intergration with your email thanks to Google’s Chat Phones in Gmail

So I have made my first call using Google’s Chat phone. Pretty convenient, I must say.

Chat Phone Dial Pad
Chat Phone Dial Pad in Gmail

If, you are one of the lucky ones that receives this first. You will notice a new entry labeled “Chat Phone” in your chat list within Gmail.

Chat phone in the Chat list within Gmail
Chat Phone

I am quite sure this is a sign of compassion from Google for the iPhone owners stuck with crappy reception and OS, but that is another story. The real deal here, is the full integration of a person communication protocols all into one nicely bundled web app called Gmail. This helps solidify the notion that we are now plugging into the internet.

Have your fun while it lasts. Its supposed to last only to the end of the year. I guess then we find out, if Google will be charging for this service. They currently charge for international calls.

Oh Well! Who needs privacy? Lets just hope Google doesn’t use all this data to rule the world. Wait I forgot they rule the world. 😉


So I believe I have decided on the final design of the site. I might feel differently in the future.
So I have been waiting for the Droid update. Yeah no iPhone. I can tell you why but that i will leave for a different rant. I finally received it tonight about an hour ago. My bro received his this morning around 10. It appears they are speeding the process up compared to the rumored weeks it will take.

Patiently awaiting…

So after weeks of waiting after the official Google’s android update; It seems I have to wait longer for Motorola and Verizon to hammer out the problem with their official update release. Rumor has it that they are realeasing updates this week again. We will see.